Our RSNA Vision

Image quality is at the very core of Fujifilm’s more than 85 year legacy.

We transformed our corporate structure for growth by expanding beyond the traditional photographic film business to six priority business fields, including healthcare. Our R&D innovations over the decades find us today with highly specialized expertise and increasingly relevant technologies that inform modern healthcare.

2020 has provided a unique set of challenges in the healthcare landscape that patients, clinicians, and industry have all had to navigate. It's times like these that prove how critical collaboration, communication, and connectivity are in ensuring quality patient care. The ability for clinicians to obtain and organize the highest quality patient images is vital to the entire care pathway: prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

With our comprehensive, expanding portfolio of imaging technologies, including digital radiography, ultrasound, women's health, computed tomography, enterprise imaging, and system integration solutions, we continue to accelerate innovation, delivering meaningful solutions that can help providers deliver exceptional patient care. Through our products, services, and technologies, Fujifilm will never stop innovating for a healthier world.

At RSNA 2020, discover how Fujifilm is bringing the latest advancements in diagnostic radiography, enterprise imaging, and ultrasound technologies to care teams across continents and cultures, and how seamlessly connecting imaging content across the care continuum can let you see the entire patient picture.

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REiLI® Artificial Intelligence*

AI in the ER

AI-powered image recognition algorithms integrated within a range of Fujifilm’s digital radiography solutions could provide indications to physicians of suspicious findings in the form of heat maps with color-coded intensity levels to help identify potential respiratory concerns.

AI for Enterprise Imaging

Using extensive Fujifilm and third-party machine learning algorithms, REiLI brings unprecedented AI insights directly within the workflow of Synapse® users. Fujifilm applications currently in development for enterprise imaging include region recognition, computer-aided detection, and workflow optimization.

AI in the OR

Intelligent feature and density recognition aims to identify and highlight foreign objects and surgical gauze in X-ray images acquired during or post-surgery.


AI for Digital Radiography

AI for X-ray solutions aid in positioning patients accurately and verify expected patient anatomy and orientation prior to exposure. They prevent both obvious and subtle positioning mistakes to prevent the need for retakes due to the wrong body part, right and left, AP and PA views, and more.

Enterprise Imaging

Synapse® VNA

Awarded 2020’s Best in KLAS VNA/Image Archive, Synapse® Vendor-Neutral Archive (VNA) integrates more specialties, more devices, and more data than any other VNA. The solution seamlessly captures, stores, and manages all clinical images and content from every service line—regardless of the generating source, format type, or siloed storage system—to bring the complete patient picture to providers across the enterprise.

Synapse® 7x
(Includes Synapse® Radiology and Cardiology PACS)

Powered by Fujifilm’s pioneering server-side technology, this next-generation image visualization platform unites the comprehensive functionalities of Synapse® Radiology PACS, Synapse® Cardiology PACS, VNA, 3D, and Fujifilm’s AI-supported platform REiLI® on one common PACS viewer. IT personnel can focus on management of a single enterprise imaging system, while providers can experience unobstructed enterprise imaging access, helping to improve care coordination, standardize clinical workflows, and enhance clinical decision making by having all relevant data at their fingertips.

Synapse® 3D

By virtue of its state-of-the-art advanced visualization software, Synapse® 3D guides more-informed interpretations, reporting, and planning decisions while facilitating exam sharing to support clinical collaboration. The solution offers flexible integrations and a server-based architecture to support virtually any enterprise imaging strategy and provides more than 50 clinically relevant applications to help support even the most complex imaging decisions. This essential Synapse® solution is also helping to lay the foundation for Fujifilm’s AI-supported platform REiLI®.


Synapse® Mobility Enterprise Viewer

Fujifilm’s industry-leading enterprise viewing platform provides unrestricted access to diagnostic-quality content from anywhere at any time. Globally accredited to support diagnoses via desktop, laptop, iOS, and mobile devices, with the flexibility to integrate with EHRs and other portals, Synapse® Mobility empowers providers with unrestricted image access.

Synapse® EIS

With Synapse® RIS as the foundation, Synapse® Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) provides one of the most comprehensive workflow management solutions on the market. The newest release, Synapse® EIS 7x, features a sleek design with an intuitive user interface and offers enhanced workflow efficiencies, real-time admin dashboards, patient and provider engagement tools, and more to help support every aspect of your healthcare business.

Digital Radiography

FDR Portables

Learn more about Fujifilm’s FDR Go PLUS, one of the smallest, quietest, and most agile full-sized portables available. The FDR Go PLUS helps optimize workflow, minimizes patient disturbance, and gives physicians exactly what they need for the most challenging bedside exams. Our FDR AQRO, a complete mini-digital X-ray system that combines the high sensitivity of Fujifilm's DR detectors, is perfect for dedicated use in departments such as the infectious diseases, NICU, ICU, ER, and OR.

FDR Detectors

Last November, Fujifilm introduced the FDR D-EVO III, the world’s first glass-free and world’s lightest DR detector with patented ISS. Today, the new detector, which employs a revolutionary film-based circuitry layer, has started shipping in the U.S. At less than 4 pounds, the detector is 20–40% lighter than previous generations.

FDR X-ray Suites

Discover the latest additions to our Clinica family of digital X-ray suites: the FDR Clinica X and the FDR Clinica FS. These digital suites offer advanced features and integration with Fujifilm’s DR detectors and the generator system.  Our latest lineup features high-end designs and capabilities with better affordability for hospitals and outpatient applications.


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Digital Mammography

ASPIRE Cristalle

Fujifilm’s innovative engineering and advanced image processing has created a high-sensitivity mammography system with low dose and exceptional image quality. Featuring patented Comfort paddles, Fujifilm’s ASPIRE Cristalle with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) is designed to more-comfortably adapt to individual breast shape and minimize pinch points. Its recent S-View capability generates an excellent-quality synthetic 2D image from the 3D images at almost half the dose of a 3D and dedicated 2D view combined.

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Computed Tomography

Persona CT

The Persona CT, our revolutionary 85 cm CT solution, provides unparalleled precision and accuracy for fast decision making and a streamlined workflow. Persona CT’s unique combination of high-resolution 64/128 slice imaging with an 85 cm EFOV* and 660 lb table-weight limit gives radiology and oncology departments unparalleled flexibility and versatility for high-quality imaging, regardless of patient presentation or position. Featuring a compact, streamlined design engineered for reliability, it fits tight spaces, installs quickly, and is extremely versatile.

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Persona RF Premium

Also new to RSNA 2020 is the Persona RF Premium Fluoroscopy System. This new multi-use R&F room system incorporates a 17x17” DR detector and brings the added ability to perform general radiography imaging, to allow for greater flexibility in uses, added purchasing justification and higher return on investment. The system provides real-time imaging for skeletal, digestive, urinary, respiratory, reproductive systems; or specific organs; including the heart, lung and kidneys.

Persona C Mobile Fluoroscopy System

Introducing the Persona C Mobile Fluoroscopy System, an advanced C-arm solution engineered for fast, precise positioning and advanced image quality. This new fluoroscopic C-arm will be available with 21 x 21 cm or 30 x 30 cm amorphous silicon (aSi) flat-panel detector options for ultra-low dose fluoroscopy and vascular imaging. Featuring a removable grid and dedicated radiography mode for high-quality still imaging, Persona C is designed for easy, precise navigation and imaging across a broad range of diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

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Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Sonosite Edge II

Sonosite Synchronicity

Sonosite X-Porte

Systems Integration

System Integration

Fujifilm’s comprehensive systems integration solutions for the OR, endoscopic room, and interventional suite enhance both clinical and IT workflows, bringing economic value to clinicians and administrative staff as well as hospital architects and equipment planners. Through 4K video-over-IP routing, integrated quad channel image and video capture, active remote monitoring, and collaboration tools, our imaging and data-driven integration solutions provide the visualization needed to achieve the highest levels of patient care.

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