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Our RSNA Vision

Fujifilm will never stop innovating for a healthier world

At this year’s RSNA 2021, we are bringing together global leaders in imaging technologies - both hardware and software - that together are taking imaging capabilities to the next level across the spectrum of patient care from prevention, to diagnosis, and treatment: FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. and the recently acquired Hitachi Healthcare Americas business together become FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation. Together, we leverage best in class expertise in digital imaging to shape the future of diagnostic care.

Pioneering the future of healthcare.

At RSNA 2021, discover how Fujifilm is infusing artificial intelligence across our entire portfolio, pioneering the very latest advancements in diagnostic radiography, computed tomography, mammography, magnetic resonance imaging, enterprise imaging, and ultrasound technologies. We will showcase how Fujifilm is bringing this newest imaging technology to healthcare, positioning itself as a worldwide leader, seamlessly and intelligently connecting, identifying and organizing content across the care continuum so that clinicians can always see, understand and monitor the entire patient picture. 

Leveraging data analysis for diagnosis.

We will be demonstrating at RSNA 2021 how our Synapse PACS has taken another step forward, supporting prompt and deeply-informed diagnoses across the healthcare enterprise. With PACS, specialists and providers can now centrally and reliably manage and analyze vast amounts of data that are acquired from today’s various medical diagnostic imaging systems and solutions.

Pioneering the future on a legacy of trust in imaging.

Image quality and life-saving reliability has been at the very core of Fujifilm’s history for more than 85 years: We launched our pioneering healthcare business in 1936 with X-ray film, developed back then from our early photographic film capabilities. And we have never stopped investing in research and development since that time, maintaining across the decades trusted brand-name recognition among healthcare providers as a consistent global leader in image acquisition, processing and precision.  

Fujifilm's  RSNA 2021
Virtual Booth

REiLI® Artificial Intelligence*

AI in the ER

AI-powered image recognition algorithms integrated within a range of Fujifilm’s digital radiography solutions could provide indications to physicians of suspicious findings in the form of heat maps with color-coded intensity levels to help identify potential pathologies or respiratory concerns.

AI in the OR

Intelligent feature and density recognition aims to identify and highlight foreign objects such as surgical gauze and surgical instruments inX-ray images acquired during or post-surgery.

AI for Digital Radiography

AI for X-ray solutions aid in positioning patients accurately and verify expected anatomy, orientation and dose techniques prior to exposure. They can prevent both obvious and subtle mistakes to prevent retakes due to incorrect body part, right and left, AP and PA views, anatomy centering, dose compared to patient size and more.

AI for Ultrasound

AI for ultrasound will provide tools to aid in navigation and diagnostic workflow.
*FUJIFILM's REiLI AI technologies will become commercially available in the U.S. upon completion of regulatory requirements.

Enterprise Imaging

Includes Synapse Radiology and Cardiology PACS
Powered by Fujifilm’s pioneering server-side technology, this next-generation image visualization platform unites the comprehensive functionalities of Synapse Radiology PACS, Cardiology PACS, VNA, 3D, and Fujifilm’s AI-supported platform REiLI on one common PACS viewer. IT personnel can focus on management of a single enterprise imaging system, while providers can experience unobstructed enterprise imaging access, helping to improve care coordination, standardize clinical workflows, and enhance clinical decision making by having all relevant data at their fingertips.

Synapse Cardiology PACS

Discover how Synapse Cardiology PACS' secure server-side technology, enhanced by interoperability capabilities, third-party integrations, and advanced reporting features can help support the cardiologist's clinical care decisions. 
During RNSA, Fujifilm will also be showcasing VidiStar, an FDA-cleared, easy-to-use medical image and clip viewing software. To learn more, click here.

New! Digital Pathology

Fujifilm’s award-winning Synapse VNA now seamlessly integrates with Inspirata’s Dynamix™. The open, vendor-agnostic workflow solution that is specific to the field of digital pathology seamlessly transports pathology content directly into the image archive to enhance the pool of patient diagnostic evidence.

Digital Radiography

FDR Detector:

Introducing FDR D-EVO III Cesium -
Last November, Fujifilm introduced FDR D-EVO III, the world’s first glass-free and world’s lightest DR detector with patented ISS. This year Fujifilm is introducing 3 additional (24x30cm, 14x17” and 17x17”) cesium detectors to the line up. FDR D-EVO III detectors employ a revolutionary film-based circuitry layer, dramatically reducing weight and improving durability. The new models provide the inherently higher dose efficiency of cesium combined with Fujifilm’s patented ISS and film based capture to enhance dose and image quality performance over prior models. At less than 4 lbs., the standard 14x17” detector is 20–40% lighter than previous generations.

FDR Portable:
Fujifilm’s FDR Go PLUS

Fujifilm’s FDR Go PLUS is a world leading system in customer satisfaction and reliability, and one of the smallest, quietest, and most agile full-sized portables available. FDR Go PLUS is now available with the all new FDR D-EVO III glass-free detectors to provide ultra-lightweight positioning and high durability and added infection control antibacterial coating. The FDR Go PLUS helps simplify and speed day-to-day portable workflow, minimizes patient disturbance, and gives physicians x-ray room image quality from the most challenging bedside exams.

FDR Portable:
Fujifilm’s FDR AQRO

Fujifilm’s FDR AQRO is a unique mini point-of-care digital X-ray system with the flexibility to image just about anywhere. To ensure exceptional image quality at gentle patient dose, the system comes standard with Fujifilm’s premium core technologies. Combining advanced detector sensitivity technologies such as Fujifilm’s patented Irradiated Side Sampling and noise reduction circuitry combined with Dynamic Visualization and Virtual Grid simulation image processing, the system is able to lower dose 20-50%. Its ultra-low power design and 12-hour battery can easily handle high patient caseloads and remote environment uses. Additionally, its smooth sealed surfaces and special antibacterial coating bring added infection controls for isolation and infectious disease uses.

FDR X-ray Suites

Fujifilm will announce the release of its upgraded flagship FDR Visionary Suite, our fully automated DR solution, during RSNA 2021. The auto-positioning rooms will have the option to come equipped with Power Assist, which makes the overhead tube system ultra-lightweight and dramatically easier to position. The system is even more scalable with many choices of options and the ability to be equipped with Fujifilm’s advanced imaging applications, including digital tomosynthesis, dual energy subtraction, and auto stitching.

Digital Mammography

ASPIRE Cristalle

Fujifilm’s innovative engineering and advanced image processing has created a high-sensitivity mammography system with low dose and exceptional image quality. Featuring patented Comfort paddles, Fujifilm’s ASPIRE Cristalle with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) is designed to more-comfortably adapt to individual breast shape and minimize pinch points. Its S-View generates an excellent-quality synthetic 2D image from the 3D data-set  at almost half the dose of a 3D and dedicated 2D view combined.The ASPIRE Cristalle comes with an easy to use, technologist-friendly AWS with advanced features that allow for a more efficient workflow. The system also provides faster image acquisition, cycle times and reconstruction times as compared to other systems on the market.
Soon to be available is Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammography (CEDM). CEDM  is an emerging modality that combines digital mammography with the administration of intravenous contrast material. Breast cancers can be identified at CEDM by density and morphologic characteristics as well as by the neovascularity associated with malignancy. The FDA approved the use of CEDM as an “adjunct following mammography and/or ultrasound exams to localize a known or suspected lesion”. Pending 510(k), will be made available in the United States upon completion of regulatory requirements. 

Computed Tomography

Scenaria View

SCENARIA View is a powerful premium performance CT solution that provides versatile clinical application capabilities with available advanced clinical modules for Interventional CT, extended coverage Shuttle Scanning (for Perfusion Exams), Cardiac CTA and Dual Energy examinations. The system employs 64 discrete detector and electronics channels over a 40mm detector coverage and reconstructs up to 128-slices per scan rotation. During RSNA 2021, Fujifilm will be demonstrating the SCENARIA View’s latest capabilities including new advances in cardiac imaging, not yet available for sale in the US.

Persona CT

The Persona CT, our revolutionary multi-use platform 85 cm CT system, provides unparalleled precision and accuracy for fast decision making and a streamlined workflow. Persona CT’s unique combination of high-resolution 64/128 slice imaging with an 85 cm EFOV and 660 lb table-weight limit gives radiology and oncology departments unparalleled flexibility and versatility for high-quality imaging, regardless of patient presentation or positioning. Featuring a compact, streamlined design engineered for reliability, it fits tight spaces, installs quickly, and is extremely versatile for a higher return on investment.



Time to reset your thinking on Open MRI! Showcased for the first time at RSNA 2021, Velocity is Fujifilm’s new high-field Open MRI scanner. Velocity defines what today’s true Open MRI is about – the unique patient comfort and accommodation benefits of open-sided MRI now joined by workflow and quality focused RF coil and reconstruction technologies. Velocity brings outstanding image quality, short exam times and operator ease of use benefits to hospital and outpatient providers.



Introducing the all new FDR Cross, a revolutionary compact c-arm solution designed for ICU and Emergency room use and offering up to twice the imaging area of traditional c-arms. With removable and interchangeable detectors in 24x30cm, 14x17” or 17x17” sizes and the added flexibility to perform traditional free positioning radiographic images on the removable FPD, FDR Cross offers a unique crossover between traditional fluoroscopic and mobile radiographic workflows without compromising on image quality. FDR CROSS will be made commercially available in the US upon completion of regulatory requirements. 

Persona CS

This RSNA, Fujifilm is introducing a second c-arm to its Persona lineup. The Persona CS is a powerful, all in one, compact mobile c-arm system designed for rapid single unit positioning within even the tightest OR environments. With a 5kW generator and over twice the power of typical compact c-arms, Persona CS is perfectly balanced to provide superior x-ray performance without compromising on maneuverability. In combining a wide access c-arm design and a choice of 30cm or 21cm Cesium Iodide Flat Panel detectors, Persona CS aims to provide the clinical utility of a full size c-arm in a compact format; striking the perfect balance between performance and positioning for intraoperative fluoroscopic imaging, pain management, orthopedics and diagnostic procedures.

Persona C Surgical C-Arm

Also on display, the Persona C released just a few short months ago, is an advanced C-arm solution intelligently engineered for surgery. Persona C features two choices in DR detector sizes and a dedicated surgeon’s console with large dual displays and intuitive user interface. This powerful system boasts 20kW x-ray generation and features a range of anatomical programs specifically designed to cater to patients of all sizes without compromise. As one of the lightest and most maneuverable systems in its class; Persona C is designed for easy, precise navigation and imaging across a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Ultrasound for Guidance and Diagnostics

Fujifilm understands the demand for the best technology, professional support and the specialized tools necessary to perform comprehensive real-time ultrasound imaging for outstanding patient care. We continue our dedication and commitment to ultrasound by providing powerful platforms and probes with exceptional image quality, reliability, and cutting-edge technology. During this year’s show, Fujifilm will showcase its ultrasound technologies for guidance & diagnostics that are geared for women’s health, cardiology and radiology, as well as surgery. 


The ARIETTA 750’s advanced beamformer and a host of automated workflow tools enable Sonographers to image even the most difficult patients quickly and efficiently. Innovative acquisition techniques eliminate focal-zone dependence and improve overall signal-to-noise. Supporting advanced features like Shearwave Measurement and a variety of general-purpose and specialty probes, the ARIETTA 750 is designed to adapt to the needs of today’s busy radiology departments.


Striking a balance between size and performance, the ARIETTA 65 offers leading-edge technologies in a compact chassis. Its reduced size and optional battery unit make it ideal for both portable scanning and as an outpatient imaging workhorse. The ARIETTA 65 can easily be configured for cardiac, vascular, and OB/GYN applications, making it a versatile shared service system.

ARIETTA Precision

Guidance is the fundamental purpose for all of Fujifilm’s surgical ultrasound technology. With the ARIETTA Precision, surgeons are able to navigate inside the human body and provide the necessary information to immediately make critical clinical and surgical decisions.

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