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Watch: TRACMOTION for Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection
Experience with an Innovative Radial EUS Scope in a Tertiary Medical Center
Innovations in Interventional EUS
Utilization of Optical Multi-Zoom Gastroscope in Under Water Duodenal EMR
EUS-Guided Liver Biopsy Using Wet Technique
ERCP Clincial Case Brief:
ERCP Clincial Case Brief:
Klatskins Tumor

Peer-to-Peer Innovation Perspectives

Christopher C. Thompson, MD
Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Gastroscope Innovations

The outstanding image clarity that Fujifilm's ELUXEO System provides brings a level of confidence that’s helping to transform the field of surgical endoscopy.
Learn about Fujifilm’s Gastroscopes for endoscopy and endosurgical applications
Marvin Ryou, MD
Brigham & Women's Hospital

Innovations in EUS

"When I started using [the EG-580UR]
I found that the retroflexion was really enhanced. … You can obtain a tight retroflexion in the stomach looking up at the GE junction, and it provides a view of the GE junction, cardia, and fundus that are not customary to me. … With the enhanced maneuverability of this particular EUS scope, those locations are not challenging anymore.”
Learn about Fujifilm’s Radial EUS Scope

Innovations in EUS

"The main difference that I really like is ...the 40-degree angle is less acute … This degree of endoscopic view can allow you to eliminate the need of an upper endoscopy prior to using the linear endoscope, and the reason is that you can actually scan the whole esophagus, stomach, and duodenum just with the linear scope because of the 40-degree endoscopic view.”
Learn about Fujifilm's Curved Linear EUS Scope
Meir Mizrahi, MD, FASGE
Largo Medical Center

Innovations in ERCP

"The usage of the ED-580XT Duodenoscope provided notable assistance … by providing image clarity, a stable elevator, and guidewire locking capabilities. This in addition to the ease with which the large devices passed through the instrument channel.”
Learn about Fujifilm’s Duodenoscope
Kenneth Sigman, MD
Grandview Medical Center
John Suh,
United Digestive

A Fresh Perspective on Partnership

"Fujifilm’s cutting-edge technology and hands-on approach to service ensures each of our physicians is fully supported so we can deliver uninterrupted, high quality patient care.”
Learn about Fujifilm Endoscopy Solutions
Raghuram P. Reddy, MD
Ohio Gastroenterology Group

Colonoscope Innovations

"You may ask ‘why is a hybrid [colonoscope] better than two separate scopes?’ The answer’s quite simple – it actually increases the durability of your scopes and decreases the guess work from your techs and nurses. …This has simplified inventory.”
Learn about Fujifilm Colonoscope Solutions

Imaging Innovation

"The first aspect endoscopists will note is superlative image detail and clarity. The video image resolution is strikingly impressive. The image clarity and resolution are markedly better than any endoscope I’ve utilized.”
Learn about the ELUXEO Endoscopic Imaging System
Steven Carpenter, MD
Centers for Digestive & Liver Diseases

Imaging Innovation

"Initiating with LCI has greatly helped me detect abnormalities and has greatly improved my Adenoma Detection Rate.  I am now in the 95th percentile because of my use of LCI, and it has changed the way I do colonoscopies."
Learn about Linked Color Imaging (LCI®)
Jose Lantin, MD
Gastroenterology of Westchester

Endoscopy Innovations:


Fujifilm EUS endoscopes provide exceptional maneuverability and control during the most challenging and routine procedures. Whether it’s expanding your range of access to perform FNA or FNB, or it’s using just one scope to perform an EGD with EUS – leading endoscopists are using the 580 Series of Fujifilm EUS endoscopes to help them obtain the versatility and precision they need to elevate their practice.

Endoscopy Innovations:

Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection

Fujifilm debuts TRACMOTION: Simplifying ESD. Advancing Endoscopy. Fujifilm has developed the  TRACMOTION retraction product for Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection, designed to simplify the lesion extraction process by improving visualization and increasing tissue maneuverability. In this section, Fujifilm also showcases its portfolio of ESD products, including ClutchCutter®, its FlushKnife collection, and its distal end Hood series.
TRACMOTION for Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection

Endoscopic Resection of Large Pedunculated Colon Polyps Using Only a Scissor-Type Knife (ClutchCutter®)


ClutchCutter® in Clinical Studies

Safety and Feasibility of Same Day Discharge Following Esophageal Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection


Endoscopy Innovations:

Artificial Intelligence

The power of AI technology in diagnostic imaging is dramatically advancing the field of gastroenterology. Predicated upon Fujifilm’s launch of REiLI in 2018, we never stop innovating to bring cutting edge AI technologies for imaging to Endoscopy. We invite you to learn about CAD EYE*– introduced in Europe in 2020 – to witness how Fujifilm is using AI deep learning technology to support endoscopic lesion detection and characterization in the colon.

*CAD EYE is not 510k cleared in the US.
Learn About
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Introducing CAD EYE for colonic polyp detection and characterization, powered by REiLI
CAD EYE clinical case highlighting AI features & functionality
(Currently not available in the USA, CAD EYE has earned CE mark in the EU)

Endoscopy Innovations:

Systems Integration for Endoscopy

Fujifilm is the only endoscopic imaging partner to offer a full spectrum of image generation, systems integration, and image enablement technologies.  For endoscopists seeking interoperative endoscopy capabilities to conduct advanced therapeutic procedures, Fujifilm Systems Integration offers solutions for all your endoscopy suite integration needs.
for Endoscopy
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Watch: Fujifilm System Integration’s Advanced Endoscopy Platform

Systems Integration Advanced Endoscopy Platform Overview

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Endoscopy Innovations:

COVID Efforts

Fujifilm supports healthcare providers, partners, communities, and patients around the world with a broad array of diagnostic imaging technology and devices to assist in the care of patients during this pandemic, including PPE solutions for endoscopy and pulmonary technology for diagnosis of respiratory issues.  

PPE Accessories sheet

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B1 Droplet Reduction Mouthpiece Demonstration
Never Stop Healthier World

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