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Image quality is at the very core of Fujifilm’s 85 year legacy. Enabling surgeons to obtain the highest quality image clarity during minimally invasive procedures is vital to the patient care pathway: from detection and diagnosis, to surgical planning and treatment.
Fujifilm’s comprehensive and expanding portfolio of imaging technologies – including solutions for non-invasive surgical endoscopy, MIS, surgical planning, and surgical fluoroscopy – accelerate innovation ,delivering meaningful solutions that can help surgeons improve patient care and change lives. 
We invite you to discover how Fujifilm is bringing the latest advancements in surgical endoscopy to care teams across the U.S. — and empowering them to reimagine surgical innovation in their practice.
Reimagine your O.R. partner: Fujifilm.

Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection 

Fujifilm debuts TRACMOTION: Simplifying ESD. Advancing Endoscopy. Fujifilm has developed the TRACMOTION retraction product for Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection, designed to simplify the lesion extraction process by improving visualization and increasing tissue maneuverability. In this section, Fujifilm also showcases its portfolio of ESD products, including ClutchCutter®, its FlushKnife collection, and its distal end Hood series.

Peer Perspectives

Christopher C. Thompson, MD
Brigham & Women’s Hospital
The outstanding image clarity that Fujifilm's ELUXEO System provides brings a level of confidence that’s helping to transform the field of surgical endoscopy”
Hear more from Dr. Thompson and his perspectives on using ELUXEO Vision
The benefits of the Fujifilm system and needle scope are numerous—reduced pain, smaller incisions, and shorter stay for patients. For us, there is reduced manpower in the OR and reduced costs overall.”
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Paul Curcillo, MD
Fox Chase Cancer Center Temple Health
Fujifilm has definitely made it easier to do my job in the operating room.”
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Gary Pess, MD
Center for Ambulatory & Minimally Invasive Surgery
The clarity of the picture is much, much better than anything I have ever seen or used. The 120 degree fish eye lens is just incredible. It gives you the widest angle—you can see everything.”
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Stephanie King, MD
Fox Chase Cancer CenterTemple Health
Jarrod Kaufman, MD
Surgeon Center for Ambulatory & Minimally Invasive Surgery
The visualization is excellent...You do save time overall in the procedures. In an outpatient setting like this, that’s particularly important.”
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Thomas R. McCarty, MD, MPH
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Fujifilm has streamlined our day to day process and dramatically improved the patient care we are able to provide.”
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